Lion's Roar - January 2022

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Review by Bonnie Nadzam

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The Great 14th (Frame of Mind Films) is a documentary that incorporates historical and present-day footage as His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama shares his life story, his daily practice, and what motivates and inspires him. As a figure who has relinquished his political power in the Tibetan exile government (explains how and why he’s done so), he is intensely curious about the similarities between democracy and Buddhism,
and details his striking experience of meeting freedom of speech and thought in India after fleeing Tibet. His Holiness repeatedly emphasizes working to advance what he calls secular ethics and conveys what it means to be inspired by emptiness and altruism in his attempts to arouse awareness of the shared secular values among the world’s seven billion people, across myriad religious and national borders.


Bonnie Nadzam is a Zen student in the White Plum Asanga and the author of the novels Lamb and Lions.

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