A Global Success!

First, a big shout out to Keely Badger and 360 Media,
our wizard marketing partner for this record-breaking event.

And a very heartfelt thanks to YOU for helping us celebrate His Holiness and his
upcoming 85th birthday! It has been an extraordinary experience to bring this
film to the world in such a big way.

54,508 registrants from roughly 140 countries, 48.7K views of the film in just
48 hours, and almost 1 million views of our trailer across social media...
This may very well be the largest virtual film premiere IN HISTORY! We cannot
imagine a better message to put out into the world at this time.
We are also enormously grateful to everyone who donated, even though it was
not required to view the film.

The feedback and reviews have been phenomenal, we've included some below.
If you want to share your feedback, please consider rating and reviewing us on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11125820/
If you are a professional film critic and would like to do a review,
we would love to hear from you!

We are sorry if you missed the screening, but everyone who registered for the
virtual premiere will be notified about future screenings and opportunities to
purchase the film. We will be announcing the launch
of the language versions soon.

Here's wishing His Holiness a Happy Birthday and a long and joyful life!

With love and gratitude,
Holly, Liz, and everyone on The Great 14th Team 


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A sampling of the hundreds upon hundreds
of testimonials we are receiving:

"Ms. Rawcliffe, Thank you for all your thoughts, your immaculate actions, love,
care and dedication. Many many deep thanks to you especially as a Tibetan and
a peace lover. Thank you
"  -  from Lhasa, Tibet

 "Thank you so very much for making this film. It has brought me closer to
His Holiness by hearing him tell his story in his own words. How very powerful is his
message and so very important to hear in these uncertain times.

"I just finished watching The Great 14th, with tears in my eyes. You have created
such an amazing, beautiful, moving, heartwarming film. Thank you so much for
bringing this gift to the world.

"The film is lovely, Rosemary. Subtle and tender, displaying the innate wisdom
and kindness that is the nature of His Holiness. Thank you for giving us a time to
be with him and to witness his gift to each of us...loving kindness.


You can help us continue bringing our important and inspiring work to the world's screens; all it takes is a small donation.

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