KRDO News Radio - Colorado Springs Oct 31 2022

The following interview took place ahead of the 35th Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival - The Extra with Shannon Brinias for KRDO News Radio, Colorado Springs, CO. 

'On November 11th-13th, 2022, the longest-running women’s film festival in North America will host the 35th annual Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, once again making us laugh, cry and question stereotypes and perspectives.  Guests Linda Broker, Exec. Dir. of Rocky Mountain Women's Film; Rosemary Rawcliffe, filmmaker behind "The Great 14th"; and Mae Thornton Mehra, filmmaker behind "Being Michelle", joined host Shannon Brinias to talk about the upcoming screenings and offerings at the Festival.  More info available, and'

 Full online interview here:

Interview Transcript: Protection Status